HAVFISK is Norway's largest trawler company with 10 vessels and 29.6 cod trawling licences.

The operations of HAVFISK AS are based on fish, which is a natural resource. HAVFISK is a pure fishing company with 10 trawlers. The company primarily catches cod, haddock and saithe. All fish are headed and gutted onboard and the company is able to provide fresh and frozen fish throughout the year.

HAVFISK has 29.6 fishing quotas for cod and haddock and 31.9 fishing quotas for saithe, as well as prawn fishing quotas. Other species of fish are also caught, primarily as secondary catches.

In 2015 the company's total catch amounted to 58 214 tonnes, including 28 875 tonnes of cod, 7 943 tonnes of haddock and 9 086 tonnes of saithe.

HAVFISK had a turnover of NOK 1 131 million in 2015, and the company has 380 employees.

The head office of HAVFISK AS is located in Ålesund, and it also has shipping offices in Stamsund and Hammerfest.