Webjørn Barstad (born 1965)
Mr Barstad has been CEO of HAVFISK since 1 January 2015. Barstad managed daily operations at Strand Havfiske for four years before coming to HAVFISK, and his previous positions include department manager at Fiskebåtredernes Forbund (now Fiskebåt) and consultant at Norges Fiskarlag, and he started his career in production/sales in the fisheries company L.S. Larsen Eftf. in Ålesund in 1991. Webjørn Barstad was educated at Heriott-Watt University Business School in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he attained BA Hons. Business Organization and MSc International Banking and Financial Studies. Mr Barstad is a member of the boards of Fiskebåt (The organisation of the sea fishing fleet) and Surofi (Sunnmøre og Romsdal Fiskesalslag). As at 01 January 2016, Mr Barstad held no shares or stock options in the company. Mr Barstad is a Norwegian citizen.
Eldar Kåre Farstad (born 1960)
CFO of HAVFISK AS since January 2012. He has been CFO of Harvesting since May 2011, and Senior Vice President/ Corporate Group Controller since May 2005. Mr Farstad has experience as CFO at West Fish Aarsæther AS, which was merged into HAVFISK AS (Aker Seafoods ASA) before the listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2005. Mr Farstad is a Bachelor in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School. As at 31 December 2015, Mr Farstad held 40,000 shares but no stock options in the company. Mr Farstad is a Norwegian citizen.
Ari Theodor Josefsson (born 1969)
Employee at HAVFISK AS since March 2006. In July 2011 he was appointed Chief Operational Officer. He is also general manager of Nordland Havfiske AS and Finnmark Havfiske AS, two of HAVFISK's trawler companies. Mr Josefsson has long experience of fisheries in Norway. He has previously worked in sales and management in the fishing gear industry. Mr Josefsson was previously general manager of Sæplast Ålesund AS. He was educated at the University of Tromsø, Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics. As at 31 December 2015, Mr Josefsson held no shares or stock options in the company. Mr Josefsson is an Icelandic citizen.
Tone Utseth Myklebust (born 1967)
Ms Myklebust has been responsible for sales of the company's trawl fish for many years and was appointed Sales Director in 2011. Ms Myklebust has been employed by HAVFISK AS since the company was formed (as Aker Seafoods) in 2005. Ms Myklebust was formerly employed at West-Fish Aarsæther AS from 1995; the company was merged into Aker Seafoods ASA in 2005. She holds a Bachelor degree from the College of Fishery Technology in Ålesund, specialising in fishing, ships administration and management. Ms Myklebust has also had post-graduate education at the Norwegian School of Economics and this year she is participating in LIF (management in change) organised by Nordvest Forum. As at 31 December 2015, Ms Myklebust held 7,656 shares but no stock options in the company. Ms Myklebust is a Norwegian citizen.
Stein Oksnes (born 1966)
Mr Oksnes has been Technical Director of HAVFISK since June 2017. He is a graduate engineer at Maritime- and Technical College in Ålesund. Oksnes holds a master’s degree in marine engineering, including project management and shipbuilding. He is a certified engineer M1 and has 18 years of experience as officer in the Navy (Coast Guard), with education from the Officer Cadet School and the Naval Academy. Over the years Mr Oksnes has occupied various positions at sea and on mainland, both as engineer, fleet inspector and project manager. Mr Oksnes also has experience as an inspector for sailing ships and new constructions from Det Norske Veritas. During the period 2006-2012 he was the head of new constructions at Fiskerstrand Verft, including hull constructions in Lithuania and Latvia. From 2012 to 2015 he was responsible for hull construction for Fiskerstrand Verft in Turkey. During the period 2015-2017, he was Technical Chief of ADA Shipyard Turkey in Istanbul, hired from his own sole proprietor. Mr Oksnes held no shares or stock options in the company. Mr Oksnes is a Norwegian citizen.
Ronny Vågsholm (born 1969)
Ronny Vågsholm har vært ansatt som operasjonssjef i Havfisk AS og daglig leder i Hammerfest industrifiske AS siden 2011. Vågsholm har vært en del av ledergruppen i Havfisk AS siden 2013. Vågsholm ble direktør for operasjoner og personell i Havfisk AS januar 2018. Vågsholm begynte sin maritime karriere på fiskeri, deretter kystvakten, hvor han har tjenestegjort i flere operativ stillinger og til slutt som Skipssjef. Vågsholm har også en bakgrunn fra kystverket som seniorrådgiver i sjøsikkerhetsavdeling, samt regionsjef for Tide Sjø i Møre og Romsdal. Vågsholm har maritim utdannelse (sjøkaptein) fra høgskolene i Ålesund (NTNU) og tilleggs utdannelse fra forsvaret, befalskole, nasjonalt langkurs kystvakt og stabstudie. Vågsholm er Norsk statsborger.